Our Common Senses

Toward a more collaborative society, for the common good.

Modern life has favored the satisfaction of individual needs, undermining the power of collective action. And yet, sharing and the pooling of resources has increased the value of our social, cultural, human, and economic capital. The current awakening to the challenges facing the human race and the evolution of technology have allowed for a reinvention of joint use: local supply networks, knowledge transmission, and the management of shared goods. Such are the many unavoidable choices to create a viable world of the future. Henceforth, will we need to transform our ways of learning, transmitting knowledge, and staying informed? Will our habits and lifestyles widely adopt the pooling of goods and resources? Can theories of the Commons transform our certainties about private property? Will technology serve to amplify this movement? Through design, let us spread this shared momentum throughout everyday habits and usages.


An alternative future trail, based on an original idea by RF Studio, narrated by Xabi Molia, author and produced by Adorable Studio.

With the participation of Ramy Fischler, designer founder of RF Studio ; Scott Longfellow, director of Bureau des usages ; Yves Citton, philosopher and essayist, and the kind contribution of Entreprises et Cités and his collaborators: Jean-Pierre Letartre, President of Entreprises et Cités and Sébastien Duprez, director of development, marketing & communication. Elvira Shvekher, Facilitator - Co-development course leader, Alex Marchal, Managing Director Batixis, Thierry Dujardin, Managing Director of Entreprises et Cités.

The Audio Fiction

On the Villeneuve d'Ascq campus, a group of students meet up with Professor Bruguier for a tour of the Random Library. Along the way, they discuss the advantages of pooling knowledge, active teaching and the importance of keeping an element of the unforeseen conducive to discovery.

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The author

Xabi Molia

Born in Bayonne on December 25th, 1971, Xabi is a French author, screenwriter, and film director. He has made three feature-length films: 8 fois debout (2009), Les Conquérants (2013), and Comme des rois (2018). Xabi Molia Fourbi’s first novel was published as part of the “Blanche” collection from Gallimard in 2000. Xabi Molia’s other books include Supplément aux mondes inhabités (Gallimard, 2004), Le Contraire du lieu (Gallimard, 2005), Reprise des hostilités (Seuil, 2007), Avant de disparaître (Seuil, 2011), Grandeur de S (Seuil, 2012), Les Premiers : Une histoire des super-héros français (Seuil, 2017), and Des jours sauvages (Seuil, 2020).

  • Yannick Rumpala in Hors des décombres du monde

Valérie Peugeot

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