Among living beings

Toward a symbiotic relationship with living beings.

Modern mankind has invented itself as something separate from nature. This distancing has fostered an exploitative mentality and less biodiversity. How, then, can we reinvent our relationship with other forms of life? How can we organize more equitable systems between human and non-human beings? How can we learn to better comprehend, appreciate, and respect living things?

Must we create new artifacts and new relationship and communications protocols with animals and plants?

Let us explore the applications and methods that could help us create a sense of unity among living species that coexist and show respect to each other.


An alternative future trail based on an original idea by RF Studio, narrated by Jean Echenoz, author and produced by Adorable Studio.

With the participation of Ramy Fischler, designer and RF Studio founder ; Scott Longfellow, director of Bureau des Usages ; Marie-Angèle Hermitte, honorary research director at the CNRS ; François Bouteau, ecophysiologist, member of the interdisciplinary laboratory of tomorrow's energies, University of Paris-Diderot ; Dominique Bourg, Philosopher and the kind contribution of Veolia and its employees: Frédéric Haas, director of communication Veolia Water - Hauts de France and Gregory Saunier, deputy CEO of Iléo.

The audio fiction

In 2051, the technological development of sensors made it possible to establish inter-species communications. An expert in charge of defining the mutual rights and duties between humans and large plants tells us about his discussions with the different types of trees.

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The author

Jean Echenoz

Born in Orange in 1947, he received the Prix Médicis in 1983 for Cherokee, and the Prix Goncourt in 1999 for Je m’en vais. Lac, his fourth novel, was published in 1989. In January 2006, he came out with Ravel, and in October 2008, Courir.

A writer who depicts an exhilarating world, and having explored, in seventeen novels, many literary genres, to the point of hijacking them, from adventure novels, to spy novels, and biographical novels, Jean Echenoz leads us on an adventurous race against ennui, and with his readers, builds an apparent rapport that also turns out to be a manipulation, a diversion, a total reversal.


Marie-Angèle Hermitte – Quels rapports entre artificialisation de la nature et droit(s) du vivant ?

Marie-Angèle Hermitte in « LA NATURE, SUJET DE DROIT ?», «Annales. Histoire, Sciences Sociales »
2011/1 66e année | pages 173 à 212

Timothy Morton – La Pensée écologique (video)

Timothy Morton – La Pensée écologique

Anne Simon – En finir avec la nature (video)

Anne Simon, entretien PRÉ, questions de Lucile Schmid

Vinciane Despret – Comment partager nos territoires avec les animaux ? (video)

Nastassja Martin, auteure de Croire aux fauves (video)

Nastassja Martin, Croire aux fauves (extrait)

Baptiste Morizot – Sur la piste animale (video)

Interview de Baptiste Morizot : sur la piste des grands prédateurs

Penser l’anthropocène avec Baptiste MORIZOT

Bruno Latour & Dona Haraway

Donna Haraway – Staying with the Trouble: Making Kin in the Chthulucene (VIDEO)

Le Chthulucène, manuel de survie sur une planète polluée une-planete-polluee/

Bruno Latour & Isabelle Stengers – Face à Gaïa (Vidéo)

Isabelle Stengers – Gaia, the Urgency to Think (and Feel)

Anne-Caroline Prévot « Des expériences de nature pour entrer en transition ? » (Video)

Anne-Caroline Prévot – Moins on est en relation avec la nature, plus on l’oublie

Rocio Berenguer – G5 – Résidence artistique

Rocio Berenguer – G5 – A propos de la création Coexistence

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