Still Human

Toward a resurgence of the essential humanity of our bodies.

Twentieth-century imaginary visions focused on the evolution of bodies toward modification, augmentations, or sometimes even replacement through technology, in other words, transhumanism, moving us gradually away from what truly makes the body human. Faced with this vision of augmented mankind, would other perspectives not be more desirable?

Wouldn’t it be preferable to advocate the concept of further human fulfillment, with pride in what makes the essence of human nature? Shouldn’t advances in science and technology promote better health and longevity for all for the well-being of humans, rather than always amplifying higher performance? Shouldn’t we advocate for diversity, difference, and uniqueness as essential aspects of human beauty?

Will improved understanding of each human’s inner workings foster self-healing, distance medicine, or community health care? Henceforth, alternate futures are coming into focus for the human body.


An alternative future trail based on an original idea by RF Studio, narrated by Benjamin Abitan, author and produced by Adorable Studio.

With the participation of Ramy Fischler, designer and RF Studio founder ; Prof. Jacques Marescaux, professor of surgery, pioneer of robotic surgery and Sebastien Kochman Digital Artisan.

The Audio Fiction

An alternative future track, narrated by Benjamin Abitan, author; with the participation of Prof. Jacques Marescaux, professor of surgery, pioneer of robotic surgery and Sebastien Kochman Digital Artisan.

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The author

Benjamin Abitan

With an academic background from Université Paris 8 and the National Superior Conservatory of Dramatic Arts, Benjamin Abitan writes and directs radio plays for France Culture, France Inter, and ARTE Radio. The rest of the time, he writes and directs original shows with his company, Le Théâtre de la Démesure (Le Grand trou, Les animaux sont partout, and more). In 2016 he was awarded the New Talent prize from the SACD, and his series La Préhistoire du Futur received several awards (Prix Europa 2017, Longueur d’Ondes prize for humorous fiction 2018).

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